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After watching 'Back to Burgundy', you may wish to fly to Burgundy to find a farmhouse of your own.

March 20th 2018 11:18PM
So many decisions to make when a winemaker dies. Should Jean, Juliette and Jeremie try to run the domain themselves, or sell off some of the 17 grape varietal parcels to acquisitive neighbors, or simply sell the main house to those pesky Americans who all seem to want a home in the south of France?

The Limits Of Ads.txt As A Fraud-Fighting Tool

March 20th 2018 10:33PM
In an ideal state, once adoption achieves a critical mass, Ads.txt will diminish domain spoofing by providing transparency into a publisher's legitimate sell-side partners. However, Ads.txt is not ... First, adoption limits the number of places that inventory is sold, which can restrict revenue. Secondly, the files ...

Domain thoughts: Purple.com, GoDaddy, fast transfer and GDPR

March 20th 2018 9:37PM
I've been using the GoDaddy Domain Listing Service beta for a while now. It's going to make listing domains for sale much easier than before. It's a true beta with some kinks to work out, but once it's all buttoned up it's going to be really nice. I especially like how you can easily point your domains to a ...